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Our main locksmith services ship is located at:

1835 Springwells St #109
Detroit MI 48209

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Areas served

We provide 24 hour locksmith services for the entire city of Detroit MI and the following zip codes:

  • 48021


  • 48043


Do you want the safest, most effective security and lock system in your business or office building? 

Do you want to protect your employees from theft and perhaps violence? Here in Detroit, Michigan, look no further for the best locksmith services for keeping your assets safe. 

We are available 24/7 so if you’re in need of a qualified locksmith to come fix your smart locks or security system, give us a call and we’ll send a professional locksmith down to provide whatever locksmith services you require.

Have you ever had a key break in your lock? In office buildings where there are many different keys for offices, bathrooms, and conference rooms and since many office keys are made of cheap metal, that means they often sometimes will break off in a lock. 

You can call us and we will immediately send a locksmith down to remove the broken key, get you a new one and fix the lock.

Did one of your employees lock their keys in the car? We can take care of that too, as well as install and repair high-tech security systems, magnetic door locks, remote access, master key systems, access control panels, and more. 

For years we have been providing our locksmith expertise to local businesses and giving the best 24-hour emergency locksmith service around.

If you have recently fired an employee from your office, had a break in, switched cleaning companies or have interns going in and out, you may want to consider calling your local locksmith to rekey or change your locks because even if you have gotten all of your keys back, you never know when duplicates have been made and who has them. 

One option is to change all your locks, but that can be costly and time-consuming, a faster and more affordable solution is to have your building rekeyed by a qualified locksmith.

Here in Detroit, Michigan, it’s important to protect your business by adding window locks. Did you know that the window is the most common way for a burglar to enter a building? 

While it is pretty standard these days to have strong locks and security systems on doors, windows get missed or given cheap locks. Try fiddling with your window locks from the outside. Would it be easy for a determined criminal to break? If so, consider calling our professional locksmith to upgrade your locks.