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Where we are

Our main locksmith services ship is located at:

1835 Springwells St #109
Detroit MI 48209

Our phone number is:



Areas served

We provide 24 hour locksmith services for the entire city of Detroit MI and the following zip codes:

  • 48021


  • 48043


Locksmiths Detroit Michigan is here for you

locksmith opening door lockAll of the locksmith services staff here at Locksmiths Detroit Michigan knows that when you're in the middle of a door lock lockout you're stressed out already. It doesn't matter if the lockout problem is in a home, a car or a business door lock.

As our locksmiths are trained to unlock all the door locks available for home car & business to rescue you from your lockout fast. Plus the locksmith services staff here is available 24/7 every day including all holidays.

We are also able to if you need a car, business or home rekey locksmith for your door lock. In the event that you lose your keys or for any other reason causes you end up needing a rekey locksmith to change the keys to your door lock the locksmiths here at Locksmiths Detroit Michigan can go to your location and create new keys for you.

Another problem that happens more often than anyone likes is door locks breaking or not working the way they're supposed to. When either one of those happens you're door lock is not doing its job of securing you, your loved ones, your employees or business. Our locksmith services staff can help you by fixing or replacing those damaged door locks.

Locksmiths Detroit Michigan is also there to make you a door lock key copy whenever you need it. Regardless if you need one door lock key copy or 10,000 door locks key copied. We use a top of the line key cutting machine that makes identical door lock keys for very key copy it makes.

So it doesn't matter what time it is, what the weather is like outside, or whatever locksmiths services you need go ahead and call us right now to 734-224-8714. So that we can send one of our locksmith services staff members to help you unlock your home car or business door lock to end your lockout, rekey your door locks after your keys are lost, make you a key copy, or any other locksmith service you need.

Car locksmiths 24/7 a call away

When you need any locksmith service for your car, day or night call us here 586-244-8437 right away. We are open every single day of the year, 24 hours per day.

All of our locksmiths are ready to handle any locksmith services you need: lockouts, make you replacement car keys, rekey your door locks for any reason, copy key for you, and much more.


Locksmith services for houses

Another area we can provide 24 hour locksmith services for is houses. And on houses, taking care of your door locks is imperative. 

Since at home your door lock and deadbolt are protecting your loved ones for you while you sleep. We  also handle: lockouts, replacement keys, rekey door locks, copy key and much more.