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Here in Detroit, Michigan, many of our homes and apartments have old, outdated or broken locks, not to mention having different locks for your front door, garage, bathroom or bedroom and having to sift through and carry around all those keys. 

Lock re-keying services from your local locksmith are affordable, fast, and available for all residential buildings and homes. When we rekey your locks, we will send down a qualified locksmith to help in resetting the tumblers in your already existing locks, formulating them to a new Master key. 

As opposed to having to replace all of your locks and doors, lock rekeying from your downtown locksmith is a simpler, more effective form of protection. Stop sifting through all those keys and looking for lost ones when you can simply call a locksmith for door locks to come rekey your doors and issue you a brand new set of keys. 

Our professional locksmiths can re-key any lock in your home quickly and provide new keys once they have finished.Do you want all your locks set to the same Master key for your ease and convenience? Or would you like your bedroom with a different key and the rest of that same Master key? 

Whatever your request, your local locksmith from Detroit, Michigan can either establish a lock system that will work on any door in your home or have multiple keys to different rooms depending on your locksmith needs.

It’s a horrible feeling when you’re locked out of your home. Whether you lost your key, left it somewhere or had it stolen from you, the last thing you want is to be sitting outside your house with no way in. 

You can call your downtown locksmith 24/7 to come open your door, rekey your locks and get you some new keys. We can repair locks after a break in, or install a whole new system. If your kids keep misplacing their keys, we have professional locksmiths who can install special smart lock options as well.

Moving into a new house or renting a new apartment? Even you got the keys from the previous occupants, you may want to consider calling your local locksmith to rekey or change your locks as you never know when duplicates have been made and who has them. 

One option is to change all your locks, but that can be costly and time-consuming, a faster and more affordable solution is to have your home rekeyed by a qualified locksmith like every single one the locksmiths here at Locksmiths Detroit Michigan.